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The IIE (Pty) Ltd is the registered provider of higher education which is offered through the following educational brands: Varsity College, Vega, Rosebank College and IIEMSA.  The Independent Institute of Education’s Central Academic Team is responsible for the academic leadership and governance of the work done at the brands while each brand is managed as a business entity by its own divisional management team.

The IIE (Pty) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of AdvTech Ltd which is listed on the JSE.

The IIE operates through five faculties and has established academic operations, compliance and academic leadership infrastructure and processes.

To successfully assist you in applying for a potential position we need to process your personal information. Some of these are identification number, contact details, academic records, performance management, income and payments records. We may also gather information through other mechanisms like interviews, standardised assessments and information in the public domain. We will not ask for more personal information than is necessary for us to fulfil our responsibilities. 

We will share your personal information with other industry, regulatory bodies, third parties and service providers but only in so far as is required by them to fulfil their duties or to process your application.  

We will treat your personal information with caution and have all generally accepted information security measures in place that are required to protect it.  

This notice will remain in force should you be a successful candidate and become an employee or temporary contractor of ADvTECH. In the case where you are unsuccessful, we will only keep your information for as long as required by law. 

To see the full extent of ADvTECH’s approach to POPI, please visit our internet site at

By submitting your application, you are accepting our terms and conditions and consent to the processing of your information as per our


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